Viva Skin Clinics’ DermaRoller Treatment

Viva Skin Clinics’ DermaRoller Treatment

Let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of having fresher, brighter, younger looking skin? We are all obsessed with the latest creams and fads and will try anything to get that youthful glow. Well, here at Viva Skin Clinics we offer a solution that will leave you searching no longer: DermaRoller Treatment. 

Is this treatment for you?

DermaRoller treatments can be used to target a variety of skin complaints including aging skin, acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles and even stretch marks. It is an effective treatment for all skin types and colours that will leave your skin looking brighter and rejuvenated. This treatment is also fuss free and requires very little recovery time so it is perfect for clients who lead busy lifestyles. 

So, what is it and how does it work?

Using microneedles, DermaRoller treatments work by piercing tiny holes into the skin. This process stimulates the skin to repair itself and thus repairs any damage. This is a natural process, which tightens the skin and leaves it looking clearer and younger. The treatment will last around 40 minutes and recovery time can be as little as a couple of days.

Why chose Viva Skin Clinics?

At Viva Skin Clinics we offer a professional service through which you will receive a one to one consultation with one of our doctors. We use a medical grade precision DermaRoller and we always cleanse and numb the skin before treatment. We offer the DermaRoller treatment as either a single session or as a set of 3 sessions, which we do suggest for more effective results.


If you are interested in receiving DermaRoller treatment to improve the appearance of your skin, call Viva Skin Clinics today on 02037 332199.


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