At VIVA Skin Clinics we value our clients’ thoughts…

What a Botox Treatment Should Be

“I’m super satisfied with the treatments I’ve received from Dr Rupert. The results are exactly what I expected.” – Patrick C

Botox Frown and Periorbital Lines Treatment

Filler and Botox

“Excellent as always, can’t recommend this place enough! So natural and beautiful results! Thank you again” – Lisilou

Botox Treatment and Dermal Fillers

Botox and Lip Enhancement – Very Happy Customer!

“I have wanted to get Botox and lip fillers for months but wasn’t sure where to go to get the best results. A friend recommended VIVA Skin Clinics so I did my research and found loads of positive reviews.

Dr. Critchley made me feel really comfortable. During the consultation he was happy to spend time discussing my options and taking me through the products and the treatments. He was professional and made sure that I felt completely comfortable before going ahead.

Neither treatments were painful at all and I am so happy with the results. My lips are better than I had hoped even! I’m so glad I waited to find the right doctor and would recommend him to anyone.” – Laura

Lip Fillers and Botox Treatment

Professional, Safe and a Skilled Doctor

“Dr Critchley was highly professional and gave me the advice and time I needed to do undergo this procedure for the first time.” – Sarah Jones

Botox Treatment

Extremely Satisfied

“Rupert always manages to make his clients to feel relaxed and comfortable. I’m so happy with the results.” – Katy

Lip Filler Treatment

Best Results!

“I’ve been having botox and fillers for years by various doctors. The treatment results from Dr Critchley have by far been the best and natural so far. He is very professional and gentle and I have never had such a pain free experience. He is very thorough, skilful and listens to what you want to achieve with the treatment and delivers it exactly. I would highly recommend him to any friends and family.” – Parasto

 Botox Treatment and Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler and Botox

“I am extremely pleased with treatment for botox and dermal fillers, my whole experience was both professional and welcoming. The results are so natural. I really can not recommend this clinic enough,” – Lisalou

Botox Treatment and Dermal Fillers

Smiles All Around!

“Amazing experience. Elle has such great bedside manner. It was easy to approach questions too and the treatment was quick, effective and pain free. Recommend her to anyone.”

Gummy Smile Treatment


“I am not a fan of cosmetic enhancements, however, I am 40 & I thought that I should get my face checked and perhaps get Botox. I met Dr. Rupert at the Putney Clinic. He was happy with how my skin looked and just left it to me to decide to go ahead or not. I went ahead and had Botox to slow down the ageing.

Dr. Rupert was so kind, careful and professional. Also, nobody tried to sell any other treatments or products, so you are in good hands. All the best to them.” – Lily

Botox Treatment

Pleasant, Professional and Polite

“Very professional and informative. The doctor made me feel very comfortable and made my experience enjoyable. I would definitely recommend the clinic to others.” – Amaya

Botox for Sweating Treatment

Botox Treatment

“Excellent service. Straightforward, any questions asked, answered without hesitation. Great results would definitely come again and recommend!” – Capella

Botox Treatment

Natural Results, Excellent Service

“I’d always wanted lip filler but was nervous because of how varied I’ve seen the results on famous people. My doctor at VIVA Skin Clinics did a really good job though and I really love it. I can’t pretend that I wasn’t apprehensive, but I liked that they did not rush the consultation, and I felt really in control of the final result.

I never felt pressured into having the treatment either – they even encouraged me to go away and think about it before I made my final decision. I decided to go ahead with the treatment though and am so pleased with the results. It looks really natural I’ve finally got a fuller top lip which is great. I love my new lips!

I have now swapped my usual Botox person to these too after I saw my friends results – she looks amazing and much more natural than my Harley Street doctor does mine. I urge anyone who is nervous about aesthetic treatment to visit VIVA Skin Clinics, I just felt that they really do go above and beyond for their clients.” – Sheila Nguyen

Lip Fillers

Love It

“It was my first time having a cosmetic injection and I was very selective making my choice. I checked customer reviews via Google and Viva Skin Clinics had the highest feedback. I made the right choice and got an excellent result! I definitely would recommend this clinic to my friends.” – Marianna

Botox Treatment

Amazing Service

“I am a first timer and so was nervous of treatment but Dr Critchley put me at ease right away and the results are fantastic! I like the personal feel of a sole practitioner rather than a big cosmetic company too. Keep doing what you are doing!” – Polly

Outstanding Service in a Relaxed Atmosphere

“Reviews of VIVA Skin Clinics won me over as this was my first time to have Botox. I researched this treatment and I found VIVA Skin Clinics which had excellent reviews which made me feel comfortable and reassured. On my first appointment I was made to feel totally relaxed and everything was explained to me by Rupert about the treatment.

I went ahead with this treatment and I did not even realise that I was being injected because it was done so professionally. In a weird way it was very relaxing and did not have any side affects. I now have another appointment with Rupert just as a follow up and top up in places if needed which is very reassuring and will complete the treatment I asked for. I travelled a distance to the clinic and it was worth it. Excellent service!” – Liam

Botox Treatment in Three Areas

Best Botox I Ever Had

“Dr was very understanding an yet exacting with what look he wanted me to achieve. A perfectionist and the results were the best I’ve ever had.” – John

Botox Treatment

Warm and Professional

“Found Rupert to be reassuring throughout treatment and follow up. No hard sell for other treatments or products. Relaxing and pain free. Recommended.” – CSCH