PRP Penis Injections

PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, Penis Enlargement and more.

Sexual wellness is an important part of our personal wellbeing. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy is a non-surgical practice which can be utilised to stimulate penis growth and regeneration, aiding with medical concerns like Erectile Dysfunction, Lichen Sclerosus and Peyronie’s Disease.

PRP Therapy targets areas of tissue which require repair or regeneration and triggers the healing process from within. To do this, a small amount of blood is taken from the arm like a normal blood test and then centrifuged and purified in a machine. Following this, it is reintroduced to the skin via a series of small injections.

What are PRP Penis Injections?

PRP Penis Injections consist of Platelet-Rich Plasma being injected into the penis to stimulate regeneration and growth.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelets are involved in the healing of wounds and functions such as blood clotting. They occur naturally in the body. By drawing blood from your arm and separating the various elements in a specialist machine, we are able to isolate the platelets and reinject them to utilise their healing abilities.

What can the PRP Penis Injections treat?

PRP Penis Injections may treat:

• Erectile Dysfunction: improved blood supply for firmer erections
• Lichen Sclerosus: soothes the itchy patches caused by the condition
• Peyronie’s Disease: straightens the penis and alleviates the pain of sex
• Penis Enlargement: enhanced length and girth

How do PRP Penis Injections enhance penis length and girth?

Patients of the PRP Penis Injections may benefit from increased length and girth due to:

  • increased blood flow
  • repair responses in penis tissue and cells
  • new neural pathways being established (from positive sexual experiences)

Do PRP Penis Injections hurt?

Local anaesthetic is injected to numb the area prior to the procedure. You may feel a slight scratch as the anaesthetic is applied, but once this has taken effect, the area will be entirely numbed and as pain-free as possible.

How are PRP Penis Injections performed?

To begin, we inject local anaesthetic to numb the area. We then use a very fine microneedle to inject the penis via 6 injection points. 3 of these are at the base of the penis, 2 are on the shaft and 1 in the head of the penis.

When will I see results from my PRP Penis Injections?

Results will typically start to show after 24 hours.

How long do the effects of the PRP Penis Injections last?

The results will last around 6 months, at which point we recommend revisiting for a top-up appointment to maintain the positive effects.

How many sessions of the PRP Penis Injections will I need?

Typically one session is enough to see the positive effects. Results last around 6 months, so we recommend a bi-annual maintenance session. Every person is unique however so more sessions may be required.

How do I book a PRP Penis Injections appointment?

Get in touch with a member of the VIVA team by emailing or using the handy bookings portal on our website. Your personal information is always dealt with in the strictest confidence and ensure discretion at all stages.