AQUAGOLD Facial Voucher


Tackle tired skin with our latest in luxury treatment offerings, the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ facial. Taking only 10 minutes to complete, our AQUAGOLD® facial is the perfect option for those wanting a quick skin fix with the benefits of both Hyaluronic Acid (used in dermal fillers) and other key ingredients.

This microneedling facial utilises 24-karat gold-plated needles finer than human hair (0.13mm) to introduce the potent serum blend at a depth of 0.6mm for optimal transdermal absorption. As there are multiple points of entry, the treatment itself only takes 10 minutes (the appointment will take longer to incorporate your consultation and aftercare).

Other needle treatments such as dermal rollers create micro-holes through which a serum is then applied, but by this point the skin has typically already begun to heal and close those channels, meaning less product is able to be absorbed into the skin. By introducing the serum blend as the microchannels are created, we ensure that as much of the good stuff as possible gets to where it needs to be.

T&CS: This voucher entitles the user to 1 x AQUAGOLD facial at the discretion of the doctor; product will not be administered if the doctor advises against its use. Consultations are essential. We do not offer refunds on gift voucher purchases.

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