The 3D face refresh

VIVA Skin Clinics’ signature 3D Face Refresh addresses multiple areas in one treatment plan

The sensational treatment – which is now being taught by Dr. Critchley himself to fellow aestheticians on the world-renowned Harley Street – aims to refresh the overall appearance of the face, without needing an excessive amount of appointments or procedures.

As the procedure is intended to rejuvenate the complexion rather than offer a concentrated anti-aging effect, we have found that women of all ages have been keen to try it out, all wanting to look healthier, more youthful and wide awake.

One such patient was Rosalind Shimmen, CEO of Rosalind Shimmen Comms and blogger/social media influencer extraordinaire. Driving a digital PR powerhouse takes time and passion, and Rosalind found that her hard work was not only showing in her success, but also starting to show in her skin.

Many a late-night spent working over a new client brief meant dark circles were forming under her eyes and her complexion lacked definition and lustre. Whilst water, rest and a boat-load of vitamins are always a good port of call, when you’re busy running a business, the reality is that the time needed for an extremely health-conscious lifestyle is just not available.

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Rosalind came to us looking for the following:

  • Reduced or eradicated dark circles beneath her eyes
  • Fuller, more youthful looking cheeks
  • The general complexion of her skin to be boosted, and glowing from within
  • A more defined jawline
  • A lessening of the nasolabial lines (the lines from the nose to the mouth which can often appear aging)

Rather than book Rosalind in for a series of different procedures through numerous appointments, Dr. Rupert – VIVA Skin Clinics founder and lead aesthetician – was able to target all of her problem areas in just one treatment.

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About The 3D Face Refresh

The 3D Face Refresh consists of dermal filler being strategically injected at various points around the face and jaw, to create a harmonious, even and natural appearance. This way, Dr. Rupert is able to adapt to the patient at hand, whether that be giving more attention to their dark circles or focusing on any fine lines or wrinkles.

Rosalind left feeling thrilled with the results:

“I wasn’t looking for anything drastic in terms of results – I just wanted to look more awake, healthier, glowing – I didn’t want my hard work to be visible on my skin.

I came to VIVA Skin Clinics because I’d seen the results of the 3D Face Refresh treatment previously, and it sounded perfect for targeting my problem areas. Dr. Rupert talked me through exactly what the procedure would consist of, I shared my concerns and he gave a number of great recommendations. Post-treatment, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. I look like I’ve taken a holiday, had a month off to rest and wound back the clock all at once. I’ve had so many compliments since – I couldn’t recommend it enough.”