Micro Needling Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma takes the microneedle facial to new levels…

By using a microneedling combined with PRP Therapy our aesthetic artists create micro channels in the skin. We use your body’s own activated platelets to hydrate, brighten and repair cells below the surface of the skin whilst stimulating new collagen growth. The micro-needle facial is especially popular with clients who come to us with scaring, pigmentation issues and problem skin.

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PRP Collagen Renewal Facial

Our doctors apply topical anaesthetic prior to every treatment to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. The microneedle facial typically takes 45 minutes per session and we may prescribe a series of sessions depending on your skin consultation with our aesthetic artists.

Downtime: 24 hours

Lasts: 6-12 months

If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with one of our specialist doctors or aesthetic artist, please call us on 02037 332199 or email bookings@vivaskinclinics.com.