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Dr Rupert Critchley

Director and Founder, Aesthetic Artist

Dr Rupert Critchley BM MRCGP, Lead Clinician, Founder and Director of VIVA Skin Clinics, qualified as a medical doctor in 2009. Trained in advanced non-surgical aesthetics, Dr Rupert is also a fully-qualified GP.

Since beginning his medical career at Kings College more than a decade ago, he has since developed a passion for aesthetics and established our industry-leading practice. Now dedicated to the artistry of working with dermal fillers, developing his own particular techniques and consultation methodology, Dr Rupert trains every one of our aesthetic artists personally.

‘Achieving true alignment is just as much about the mental as the physical. When our outer appearance reflects who we feel we are on the inside, we feel centred. Helping clients tap into their sense of self and delivering results that make each individual feel more comfortable with themselves is at the core of my practice and everything we do at VIVA Skin Clinics.’ – Dr Rupert

With an in-depth anatomical understanding of facial treatments and a holistic, personalised approach to treating each client, Dr Rupert is known for his meticulous attention to detail, his warmth and his high regard for patient wellbeing. His signature treatment – the 3D Face Refresh – is an innovative procedure pioneered at VIVA Skin Clinics and practiced only by Dr Rupert and his handpicked associates.

Dr Rupert, has also been selected to join the top 10 Allergan mentees in the UK, who make up a specialist group of talented practitioners.

Being an Allergan mentee means that I represent and speak on behalf of Allergan, conduct training for other medical professionals and am part of a medical advisory committee that would be involved with trialling new products and treatments. All things I am deeply passionate about and take great pride in doing.’ – Dr Rupert

Dr Vee Talwar

Aesthetic Artist

Dr Vee Talwar BSc (Hons) MBBS AICSM MRCEM began her journey at the Imperial College School of Medicine, and has worked in London’s leading teaching hospitals including St Mary’s, Charing Cross, Hammersmith, St George’s and the Whittington hospital.

A talented medical expert, Dr Vee specialises in a variety of non-surgical procedures, ensuring we are always developing our knowledge and setting the gold standard for aesthetics clinics in the UK. Dr Vee, like the rest of our team, uses only the highest quality products for natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Known for her precision and dedication, Dr Vee’s clients come back to see her time and time again, knowing they’re in safe hands. Discover more about our trusted brands and products…

“At VIVA Skin Clinics, we believe that education is the key to staying ahead of advancements in the aesthetics industry, and that’s how we continue to consistently deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.” – Dr Vee

Dr Alice Britto

Dr Alice Britto BDS MFDS RCS graduated from Unicamp in 2003 and has been practicing as a leading dentistry and facial aesthetics specialist in the UK for more than ten years. Dedicated to helping men and women feel more comfortable in their own skin, Dr Alice has a deep personal interest in health and beauty.

Dermal fillers, prescription skin treatments and botox are just some of her areas of expertise but she is also dedicated to the client journey, making sure that each is resoundingly positive.

“Feeling good is important, feeling beautiful is important and loving yourself is the most important thing of all. I want all my clients to recognise this because it lights me up when I see them happy.” – Dr Alice

Nadia Fada

Nadia Fada qualified in adult nursing from Kingston University in 2018. Since starting her career in cosmetology, Nadia developed a passion for facial aesthetics and soon specialised in natural-looking dermal fillers and botulinum toxin treatments.

Nadia also dedicates her time at VIVA Skin Clinics to advanced skin health procedures including a variety of facial peels. Nadia’s clients visit her for our signature VIVA peels and our range of medical-grade skin treatments from the likes of trusted brands such as Obagi.

“Body confidence comes from addressing the smallest of areas that we notice about ourselves, and I love helping clients select treatments they need to achieve the aesthetic outcome they are after.” – Nadia