Masculinisation & Feminisation

Masculinisation is the aesthetic practise of using dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections in order to enhance masculine features within natural looking proportions. Similarly, feminisation helps to create a more feminine appearance. Whilst historically these treatments have been chosen by men and women who want to enhance their perceived femininity and masculinity, they have since become more popular with transgender people looking to reflect their true gender identity. For both masculinisation and feminisation procedures, we use the premium Juvéderm VYCROSS range.


How can I look more masculine with dermal filler?

There are a series of potential dermal filler treatments which can help you to look more masculine. Firstly, a Jawline Enhancement using industry leaders Juvéderm’s VOLUX filler will make the jaw appear wider and more defined. This filler has been designed specifically for treating lower the lower face and also have the benefit of lasting longer than other fillers. We typically treat the chin for a Chin Enhancement at the same time, in order to ensue the dimensions of the lower face are balanced.
We can further create better contour of the face by performing a Cheek Enhancement, placing dermal filler around the cheekbones to laterally lift them for a more pronounced and well defined appearance. 
Any asymmetry or bumps in the nose can balanced with a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (otherwise known as a Liquid Nose Job). Softening bumps can also make the nose appear straighter and actually smaller as it changes the way light hits the nose almost spreading out the bump. Dermal filler in the nose can also lift a droopy nasal tip and improve definition. 
Our aesthetic doctors will help you decide on the most suitable treatment options to create a natural looking, more masculine appearance. 

What is considered traditionally masculine?

A more square shape facial contour, a strong and broad jawline, prominent cheekbones, a wider nose and a well defined wider chin. Facial hair is also recognised as being a masculine feature. 

How can I look more masculine with anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are amongst our most popularly booked treatments for male patients. Whilst anti-wrinkle injections may not make you look more typically masculine in terms of altering the facial dimensions, they can help to achieve or maintain a less-wrinkled complexion, whilst also helping to prevent the development of further wrinkles from forming. 

How much does masculinisation cost?

Masculinisation should be approached as a treatment journey as opposed to one single procedure. Each patient is individual and so are their facial dimensions, personal goals and skin condition, and so the treatment and subsequent cost are bespoke. To find out more, book your consultation using our online booking tool our bookings team who are always more than happy to help.

How can I look more masculine with skin treatments?

Facial hair is recognised as a traditionally masculine feature, and PRP Therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy) stimulates the growth of new hair both on the face and the head. Men who are beginning to go bald and transgender men looking to encourage the growth of facial hair can both benefit from this treatment, along with those who have experienced illness and subsequently lost some of their hair. A course of PRP Therapy treatments is required to see the best results, but after the initial appointments have been completed, only one or two annual maintenance treatments are required to keep your new hair looking full from thereon out


How can I look more feminine with skin treatments?

The VIVA Glow Peel offers a simple solution for breaking down rough, dead skin, and revealing a more supple complexion below. For those whose skin has been damaged by hormonal acne or facial hair removal, any scars or discolouration will also be reduced by the peel.
This is also an effective non-invasive option for skin which is looking tired, grey, dull or uneven. Upon application of a specialised chemical formula, the top layer of skin will gradually begin to peel away over the next 7-10 days, until finally you’re left baby-soft and glowing. A series of chemical peels is required to yield the best results, and your VIVA doctor will inform you whether these should come before, after, or during other feminisation treatments.

What is considered traditionally feminine?

A more oval ‘V’ shaped face contour, high cheek bones, a balanced and well proportioned chin and fuller lips. Glowy skin is also considered to be more feminine.


How much does feminisation cost?

Feminisation should be approached as a treatment journey as opposed to one single procedure. Each patient is individual and so are their facial dimensions, personal goals and skin condition, and so the treatment and subsequent cost are bespoke. To find out more, book your consultation using our online booking tool our bookings team who are always more than happy to help.

How can I look more feminine with anti-wrinkle injections?

Large, open, doe-like eyes have always been considered traditionally feminine. Whilst we can’t make the eyes larger with a non-surgical treatment, we can make them appear so with anti-wrinkle injections. The lift or drop of the brows is controlled by the muscles in the forehead, and so by administering these injections here we are able to subtly manipulate how lifted the brow is and therefore how large the eyes appear. If desired, dermal fillers can also be used as a killer combination to enhance the brow’s shape.

How can I look more feminine with dermal fillers?

Cheek Enhancement will in help to lift and contour the appearance of the cheekbones within your natural looking proportions. Commonly makeup is used to create the appearance of cheek definition however, dermal filler is a great longer lasting addition. Fuller cheeks are also typically associated with youth and vitality.
Our Jawline Enhancement can help to lift and define the lower face creating a loverly sleek and tighter jawline. Chin Filler is often recommended in combination to achieve the downward triangle heart-shape that is often scientifically favoured as the most attractive amongst women. For this combination of treatments, we use Juvéderm’s VOLUX filler which has been specially designed to contour the lower face, ensuring your refined definition lasts longer. 
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasties have boomed in popularity in recent years due to them being such a cost and time-effective alternative to traditional surgery. By strategically injecting dermal filler into areas of concern on the nose, we are able to straighten, lift, and rebalance without the need for any downtime or bandages. For our clients seeking to look more traditionally feminine, we would suggest lifting the nasal tip where applicable, smoothing out any bumps, and enhancing the symmetry of both sides to achieve a neat finish. 
The shape, volume and symmetry of the lips can all be enhanced with the aid of Lip Fillers. We use Juvéderm VOLIFT or VOLBELLA for Lip Enhancements. This filler series contains a numbing agent, which means the skin is numbed both externally from the numbing cream, and from within, ensuring the most pain-free procedure for our patients. Furthermore, VOLIFT boasts strong longevity and settles beautifully naturally into the lips. Typically feminine lips tend to have more fullness concentrated around the centre with a pronounced Cupid’s Bow, however we prefer to tailor each individual lip look to the other dimensions of the face. Each treatment should work together for a harmonious transformation.