Heel Lift

‘My feet are killing me’

If you’re a self-certified fashion victim and can’t live without your high heels,  you’ll love our signature VIVA foot treatment. The Heel Lift is a clever procedure that consists of injecting a small amount of dermal filler into the balls of the feet creating a cushioning effect that can last up to 6-12 months with minimal downtime.

Dermal fillers contain a naturally-occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). When injected, HA takes up about 1,000 times its own weight in water, plumping the skin and relieving pain in the pressure points on the soles of the feet.

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The VIVA Heel Lift

Price: £350 per ml / £400 per ml

Dermal filler results last up to 12 months 

  • Free consultation and health assessment
  • Quality Juvederm VYCROSS™ dermal filler
  • Precise and pain-free injection technique
  • Local anaesthetic for a comfortable experience
  • Aftercare advice available at any time

Qualified Aesthetic Artists

The VIVA Skin Clinics team is made up only of highly-qualified medical doctors and aesthetic artists who each employ a personalised and holistic approach to their practice.

If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with one of our specialist doctors or aesthetic artist, please call us on 02037 332199 or email bookings@vivaskinclinics.com.