Chin Fillers

Define, balance and contour the lower face

A Chin Enhancement treatment consists of dermal filler being injected into and around the chin to add volume to the area. This can help to correct any asymmetry if one side of the chin is heavier than the other, can help to improve the projection of the chin and can also balance the dimensions of the lower face to improve the overall harmony of the face.

A heart-shaped face is classically viewed as the most attractive so although the chin may not be the first area you think of when it comes to dermal filler enhancements, it’s actually a powerful reference point for how others see your face. We often recommend this treatment in conjunction with Lip Fillers and Jawline Enhancements to ensure each element of the face is even.

What can Chin Fillers treat?

Chin Fillers can help to:

  • Correct asymmetry if one side of the chin is heavier than the other
  • Elongate the face
  • Balance the dimensions of the lower third so the overall face is more harmonious
  • Correct the dimpling effect of a ‘cobblestone chin’
  • Fill in a cleft chin

What can I expect from a Chin Filler appointment?

When you arrive at the clinic, one of our friendly receptionists will book you in and hand over a few necessary forms to complete. You will then meet your VIVA doctor who will direct you to the treatment room and chat through your consultation.

Your doctor will recommend the best course of treatment and if you’re happy to proceed, an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the chin to numb the area. A few injections will then be administered to introduce the JUVÉDERM dermal filler. Following treatment, your doctor will talk you through aftercare and answers any questions you might have.

The process is calm and welcoming. We want you to feel at home and so we go at your pace, giving you the space and time to ask questions and be totally comfortable with the procedure.

Do Chin Fillers hurt?

It’s completely natural to be nervous about pain levels when it comes to any aesthetic treatment. Rest assured, however, that the injection sites are numbed with anaesthetic cream prior to treatment, and most patients report the sensation to be closer to discomfort than stinging, burning or scratching.

The actual treatment time is limited too. The majority of your appointment will be taken up by the consultation, preparation and aftercare, so even if you do find the injections uncomfortable, this will be pass quickly.

How long do Chin Fillers last?

The longevity of any dermal filler treatment depends upon the individual and is affected by genetics, lifestyle and how much the treated area is moved. However, patients can typically expect Chin Fillers to last up to 12 months.

How much do Chin Fillers cost?

At VIVA Skin Clinics we charge £400 per ml of JUVÉDERM dermal filler. The amount of filler required will be agreed upon between yourself and your VIVA doctor prior to treatment.

If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with one of our specialist doctors or aesthetic artist, please call us on 02037 332199 or email