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Gender Neutral Skincare: Our Top Tips | VIVA Skin Clinics

The words ‘Skincare’ and ‘self-care’ have always been given a feminine tone in our society, however we believe that should change. Thankfully, we are seeing the aesthetics industry change and become more inclusive, however there is still more work to do.

Aesthetic Treatments for Improving HYDRATION

Hydration is key to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin and at VIVA Skin Clinics, we have a number of non-surgical treatments available to help achieve that beautiful, dewy glow. 

What Skincare Should I Be Using In Lockdown?

Keeping your skincare regime in check can be tough during lockdown, but being at home doesn’t have to mean our skin needs to be neglected. We can still give our complexions the TLC it needs without leaving the house!

Don’t Sweat It: Anti-Wrinkle Injections Can Be Used To Treat Hyperhidrosis

Sweating when you exercise or when you get hot is completely normal but for some excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can happen unexpectedly and when the body doesn’t actually need to cool down.

How To Look Less Tired

Want to look less tired? Read these expert tips from a professional aesthetics doctor. Including non-surgical and lifestyle options for tired eyes.

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