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Dermal Fillers

Are Dermal Fillers Injections Safe?

A common misconception about dermal fillers is that they aren't safe for the patient. We are going to bust some myths and outline the truths around dermal filler injections.

Tear Trough Filler

How Safe Is Tear Trough Filler?

Tear-trough filler treatment, is a popular non-surgical solution for tackling tired-looking eyes. It is an aesthetic treatment that involves strategically injecting a hyaluronic-acid based dermal filler into specific areas around the eyes, to replace the lost volume brought on through the ageing process.

Dermal filler

Can Fillers Make My Skin Sag?

There is a very common misconception that dermal fillers can make skin sag, however we can safely say that this is FALSE. People assume that once they have been fully absorbed by your body you will be left with loose, hanging skin leaving you looking even older than you did previously. Here, we’re going to set the records straight…

Introducing Our New Expert Injector: Dr. Lucy

We have exciting new! As of this August, we will be welcoming a NEW member to our clinical team, offering lip fillers, Profhilo, anti-wrinkle treatments and more. Welcome to team VIVA Dr. Lucy!

Fillers tunbridge

Organic Dermal Fillers: What You Need To Know

With a surge of interest in organic fillers, why aren't we offering them at VIVA Skin Clinics? Here's the low-down on why we've said no to going organic.

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