Say hello to AQUALYX®, the fat-dissolving injectable which offers permanent body-sculpting results.

AQUALYX® is an injectable fat-dissolving treatment. It is used to minimise or remove stubborn pockets of fat which are unlikely to be affected by a change in diet or exercise. AQUALYX® treatments are not intended for weight loss. They are instead designed to help those who maintain a healthy lifestyle shift small, localised pockets of fat.

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Am I suitable for an AQUALYX® treatment?

It is important to note that AQUALYX® is designed to treat small areas of stubborn fat and is not a weight-loss solution. Patients must be within one stone of their recommended body weight in order to qualify for treatment, with the ability to pinch about 3cm of fat.

How does AQUALYX® work?

AQUALYX® is a hydrous micro-gelantuous solution which is injected into subcutaneous fat deposits, causing the dissolution of fat cells which are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. A unique cannula method is used to administer AQUALYX®, typically with 2 injection points per area of treatment.

What should I expect from my AQUALYX® appointment?

If you are interested in AQUALYX® fat-dissolving injections, you will be invited into clinic for a one-to-one consultation with one of our VIVA doctors. During your consultation, your doctor will confirm whether your area of concern is suitable for treatment, and if so, how many sessions are required to achieve your desired results.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, the area will be disinfected and prepared for injecting. Lidocaine (anaesthetic) is introduced to the AQUALYX® solution beforehand in order to numb the skin from within and to provide greater comfort during the procedure. The area will injected and then you will be given your aftercare instructions.

Do AQUALYX® injections hurt and what are the side-effects?

Anaesthetic (Lidocaine) is mixed with the AQUALYX® solution prior to injecting, enabling your skin to numb from within from the very first injection.

Patients have reported the treatment to be relatively painless, with minor and temporary side effects such as a slight reddening of the skin or a warming, itching sensation. The treated area may swell or become itchy and can get worse over the first few days. These side-effects start to subside within 48 hours, and swelling disappears completely within 7-10 days.

How many AQUALYX® treatments will I need?

Multiple sessions are required for the best results.

The amount of sessions needed depends upon the area being treated, the amount of fat in the area and the individual skin condition of the patient. As with all of our other aesthetic treatments, consultations are compulsory for AQUALYX® and it is during your consultation that your VIVA doctor will advise on the amount and frequency of sessions.

When will I see results from my AQUALYX® treatment?

A reduction of fat in the treated area can be visible after a few weeks, but typically it takes around 2 months to see the full effects. However, unlike some other aesthetic treatments, these results are permanent as the fat cells will not reappear.

It may take more or less time for results to be visible depending on the individual patient and area treated.

How long do AQUALYX® results last?

AQUALYX® fat-dissolving results are permanent – once the fat cells are dissolved, they will not reappear. However, this is contingent on the patient maintaining a stable weight, eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Where can AQUALYX® injections treat?

AQUALYX® can be administered across the entire body, including:

· Chin (“double chins”)
· Upper arms and armpits
· Chest
· Stomach (including six pack definition)
· Under-bra area
· Hips (“love handles”)
· Inner and outer thighs
· Buttocks

Please ask your VIVA doctor for more information about your particular area of concern.

Is there any downtime for an AQUALYX® treatment?

Avoid exposing the treated area to direct heat such as saunas, sunlight, steam rooms etc. Do not apply cosmetics for at least 12 hours (we recommend 24 hours to be safe). It is normal for bruising or swelling to develop in the area as well as a light burning or itching sensation, but avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen. Avoid exercise for 4-5 days.