Allergan produces the premium products used in medical aesthetics

We choose to work only with leading brands and suppliers, such as Allergan, to ensure safe, quality treatments with lasting results.

VIVA Skin Clinics is led by Dr Rupert, who has been handpicked to join the top 10 Allergan mentees in the UK, who make up a specialist group of talented practitioners.

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‘It is an honour to be invited to join the Allergan Medical Institute family as a Dr De Maio mentee. Over the course of the program myself and a handful of exceptional colleagues will receive tuition, direction and guidance from some of the world’s greatest cosmetic surgeons and doctors.

Being part of the Allergan mentee group means that I represent and speak on behalf of Allergan, conduct training for other medical professionals and am part of a medical advisory committee that would be involved with trialling new products and treatments. All things I am deeply passionate about and take great pride in doing.’ – Dr Rupert

Allergan is also responsible for developing an advanced facial mapping technique used by leading medical doctors to ensure safe and precise procedures. Both Dr Rupert and each of our aesthetic artists are trained in line with Allergan’s specific industry standards and use Allergan MD codes when carrying out all facial aesthetics treatments at VIVA Skin Clinics.

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