3D Face Refresh

An exclusive treatment created by Dr Rupert Critchley

The VIVA Skin Clinics 3D Face Refresh uses small amounts of dermal filler and a three-dimensional technique to subtly enhance different areas of the face, such as the nasolabial folds (fold between the nose and mouth), jawline, cheeks and chin, temples and lips.

Balancing the symmetry of the face, addressing disproportions and creating a natural look, this non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime. Using the latest range of Juvederm fillers with VYCROSS technology, the 3D Face Refresh smooths lines and wrinkles, boosts hydration and corrects asymmetry.

3D Face Refresh FAQs

Is the 3D Face Refresh right for me?

We recommend the 3D Face Refresh treatment to anyone who is concerned that their skin is starting to look dull and tired. For deeper lines and wrinkles, our Non-Surgical Facelift may be more effective.

How much does the 3D Face Refresh cost?

The 3D Face Refresh starts at £400 per ml of JUVÉDERM filler with Dr Rupert.

The amount of filler required is unique to your skin, and depends upon your current skin condition and desired goals. This will be decided during your consultation.

How quickly will I see results from my 3D Face Refresh?

The results of this treatment are instant, however there may be some slight swelling immediately afterwards which could obscure the true effect of the treatment. This is totally normal and will subside within a few days. After this, the full results can be seen.

Does the 3D Face Refresh hurt?

A local anaesthetic called Lidocaine will be applied to the treatment areas prior to injecting, numbing the skin and reducing the risk of pain considerably. Patients who have never undergone aesthetic procedures may find the sensation of being injected uncomfortable or a little odd, but the anesthetic means this isn’t painful.

Are there any 3D Face Refresh side effects?

Using quality Hyaluronic Acid fillers means that most of the time there are little-to-no after effects. A little short-term swelling or bruising is totally normal and the pin pricks where the injections are placed may show for a few hours. Any visible effects are almost always minimal.

It is not recommended that you go to the gym, wear makeup or go out into the sun for 24 hours, but after that, you will be able to return to your normal routine.

How long will the 3D Face Refresh effects last?

You can expect the effects of your 3D Face Refresh to last around 12 months. The longevity of dermal filler products is unique to each individual and depends upon your metabolism and lifestyle. For example, those with a faster metabolism and those who are expressive and move their facial muscles more may find the filler breaks down more quickly.

Treatment Details

Price: £400 per ml

Dermal filler results last up to 12 months.*

  • Free consultation
  • Quality Juvederm VYCROSS dermal filler
  • Signature injection and Microcannula technique
  • Local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience
  • Aftercare and advice available at any time
If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Rupert, please call us on 02037 332199 or email bookings@vivaskinclinics.com.