VIVA Eyelash Serum

“Big results with just a few quick moves as part of a nightly routine.”

Getting luscious long lashes is easier than ever as VIVA® Skin Clinics launches its brand new eyelash serum for up to 100% longer lashes.

For those lacking killer sweeping lashes naturally, the all-new VIVA® Lash Serum officially launches this week. The amazing serum creates a dramatic, face-framing flutter in just a few weeks*.

Benefits of VIVA® Lash Serum:

  • Enhances your natural lashes
  • Quick and easy application
  • 3 months use per bottle
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Available for £60 on special offer

What does it do …

Designed to give lashes a dose of va-va-voom, the VIVA® Skin Clinics eye lash serum plumps and defines, giving beauty buffs an effective lengthening solution coupled with a quick and easy application that can be done at home.

The serum is simply painted on to the base of the lashes each evening before bed, after the area has been gently cleansed of any make up and impurities. The eyelash growth serum gets to work overnight, providing nutrients that encourage stronger roots and longer lashes.

Eye Lash Treatment

How does it work?

The innovative VIVA® eyelash serum is formulated with a careful selection of lengthening extracts, creating a potent blend that will help lashes to grow to up to 100 percent longer in just a few weeks. Each bottle provides enough serum for three months, allowing users to see the impact of the formula and maintain the growth and condition of their lengthened lashes. Usually priced at £100, it is currently available for £60 on special offer .

What the experts have to say

Dr Rupert, a beauty expert at VIVA® Skin Clinics, says: “This product has taken off in a big way in America – everyone wants naturally beautiful lashes without lots of upkeep. VIVA® Lash Serum offers users big results with just a few quick moves as part of a nightly routine.”

Why is it better than other methods?

Eyelash growth serums provide an easy way to get longer lashes, perfect for those have used more extreme methods and found that traditional extension treatments damage the natural lash bed. There is a fear that prolonged use of extensions can cause natural lashes to fall out, making a serum designed to transform an existing flutter a make-up bag must have.

Dr Rupert adds: “We all have our feel-good essentials and mascara is classed as a must-have for many women – some refuse to even leave the house without it! With an eyelash serum that really helps to boost lashes in length and condition, like VIVA® Lash, you really don’t have to worry – without any make up at all you will have knock-out eyes. Plus, when people compliment you on your lashes, you have the chance to say, ‘yes, they are actually all mine’. The results we’ve seen have been truly astonishing, it’s been a real hit with brides and those wanting to look amazing for a big event. Most impressively the product even works on women who have lost or have thinned eyelashes due to ageing. We have a huge following of 60+ year olds who are completely addicted to the serum!”

What happens after?

Once lashes have grown to the desired length with VIVA®’s powerhouse at-home beauty treatment, it’s simply a case of taking good care of them to keep them in perfect condition. Following simple tips such as switching to a gentle eye-make up remover to swipe off mascara at the end of the day will help to prevent drying out and fall-out, keeping lustrous length and shine for longer. Some may choose to continue with the product twice weekly to keep their lashes at their peak length. A dual-phase eye make up remover is perfect as it allows quick removal without the need for rubbing or scrubbing, which can weaken natural lashes.
*Results typically seen from four weeks, with maximum effect from 12 weeks daily use.