Teeth Whitening London

Teeth Whitening London

Let Viva skin clinics give you a smile to be proud of.

They say that the most beautiful thing someone can wear is a smile. Here at Viva Skin Clinics, we provide teeth whitening London for anyone wanting a dazzling smile. Our professional dental care will make sure that you get the treatment that you deserve, and you are 100% happy with the end result. We strive to provide the best non surgical cosmetics and our customers know that they will always be in good hands as we always keep to Dental Standards.


Why give yourself beautifully whitened teeth

  • Whiter teeth can make a person look more friendly and approachable
  • If you are a public speaker, whiter teeth will enhance your appearance
  • Signals good hygiene
  • It can make you look younger and fresher
  • Can help with your self confidence, whiter teeth can boost your confidence for any occasion


About teeth whitening in London

We understand that maintaining white teeth can be difficult, especially with a busy daily routine. At Viva Skin Clinics, we specialise is teeth whitening and our procedures will ensure that you get teeth shiner than before. There is nothing more important to us than our customers’ satisfaction, and we will always strive to give them the most beautiful of smiles.

The benefits of choosing Viva Skin Clinics

Here at Viva Skin Clinics we know that many home kits do not work to the level that our customers desire. Our teeth whitening services are performed by an expert dentist who will ensure that you teeth are whitened to a shade of your preference. The procedure involves lightening the current shade of your teeth, to make the colour lighter and brighter. Teeth whitening will work on many shades of teeth, and last from a few months up to three years, depending on your diet.


Our tooth whitening procedure

There are two ways to whiten teeth

Teeth whitening have two methods, either by using a gel to gently brighten teeth, or laser whitening, which involves bleaching teeth before using a laser to give teeth a shiny effect. Both methods are effective in whitening teeth and our qualified dentist is an expert in teeth whitening procedures.

Make an impression

One method to whiten teeth is to create a mouth-guard from the impressions of your teeth. This mouth-guard will fit to your teeth, so it is more effective than home kits. Once the mouth-guard has been made, a whitening gel will be spread inside the mouth-guard and the guard placed in your mouth. As the mouth-guard fits perfectly, the gel will reach every gap and whiten the whole tooth.

Laser whitening

The other method of teeth whitening is the use of lasers. A bleaching product is painted onto the teeth before a laser is shone to brighten every tooth. This method is becoming increasingly popular and is only performed by qualified dentists. Here at Viva Skin Clinics we have the best equipment to ensure that your teeth look stunning after a teeth whitening procedure.

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