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Have you recently googled ‘scar treatment Harley Street’? If you’re struggling to find a product that reduces the appearance of your scars, look no further than VIVA® Skin Clinics. Our qualified doctors have been professionally trained to deliver an innovative solution to scarring that is proven to work. Arrange your FREE consultation with one of our dermatologists to discover whether you’d be an ideal candidate for the treatment.

What can our scar treatment in Harley Street do for you?

Nobody’s perfect, but if your scars are genuinely starting to affect your sense of wellbeing, it may be a comfort to know that there are Scar Treatment Harley Streettreatments out there that can help to reduce their appearance.

While our Harley Street scar treatment isn’t by any means a ‘miracle cure’, it can reduce the rawness of your scars, which in turn, may help you to find acceptance with the way you look.

Our scar treatment Harley Street will specifically help to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.  We’ve outlined the details of how the treatment works below.


Dermaroller Treatments

Our dermaroller treatment, also known as micro-needling, encourages the skin to regenerate and repair itself.

Our trained doctors will use a medical grade precision dermaroller to pierce tiny holes into the affected skin area. The trauma to the skin isn’t harmful, it only encourages the skin to repair itself. As your skin works to repair the tiny holes, it produces new, healthy collagen and elastin cells which reduce the appearance of your scars.

We often recommend that our clients invest in a Mesotherapy hyaluronic acid treatment alongside our dermaroller to further hydrate and restore existing skin cells – this won’t affect the volume of your skin, only restore its appearance to a healthy glow.

If you’re still undecided as to whether our scar treatment Harley Street is the way forward for you, have a look at the list of benefits:

  • Unlike chemical peels, it doesn’t damage the skin
  • Unlike chemical peels, you don’t have to make a conscious effort to stay out of the sun
  • It’s suitable for all skin types and skin colours
  • You can go about your day as soon as the session is over

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What can you expect when you choose our Harley Street scar treatment?

As part of our scar treatment Harley Street service, we’ll first need to assess whether you’re an ideal candidate for the treatment. We provide FREE initial consultations prior to carrying out any scar treatment in Harley Street, so our dermatologists can assess the condition of your skin.

Once you’re confident about going ahead with our Harley Street scar treatment, we’ll arrange a convenient time and day for your first appointment.  Our doctors will make sure that you’re fully understanding of the how the treatment works and the immediate effects that you may experience.

Before the doctor commences the dermaroller treatment, they’ll use a cleanser on your skin, then rub a numbing cream into the affected areas to dull the sensation. For particularly sensitive areas, we’ll inject a small dose of local anaesthetic.

The whole session usually lasts for about 40 minutes. You can carry on with your day as soon as you feel comfortable to do so.

To achieve the best results from our dermaroller treatment, we recommend that you invest in 3 sessions. These sessions are carried out over the course of a couple of months, as your skin needs to completely heal before we can repeat the treatment.


Why should you choose VIVA® Skin Clinics?

Here at VIVA® Skin Clinics, we believe it’s a combination of our professionalism, honesty and integrity that makes us the number one choiceScar Treatment Harley Street for scar treatment Harley Street has seen.

When you choose VIVA® Skin Clinics, you’ll be given a FREE consultation plus an ongoing treatment plan which will record all the procedures that you’ve benefitted from here at our clinic.

When you choose to invest in the best scar treatment Harley Street has to offer, you’ll find that we promote a relaxed, salon environment.  We also believe you should have direct contact with the doctor carrying out your treatment prior to, and after, it takes place. Unlike other skin clinics, we provide our clients with professional aftercare to ensure that the best results are achieved.

All of our treatments are delivered by professional doctors who have had specialist training in performing non-surgical skin treatments, while we source all equipment from specialist medical suppliers.

We have been fully audited and accredited by Save Face, which is a trusted directory of credible cosmetic practitioners.

“I am a first timer and so was nervous of treatment but Dr Critchley put me at ease right away and the results are fantastic! I like the personal feel of a sole practitioner rather than a big cosmetic company too. Keep doing what you are doing!”

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