Micro Needling London

Micro Needling London

Get younger looking skin with this quick and easy to maintain skin treatment.

Also known as dermarollers, micro needling is an increasingly popular method of fighting signs of aging. Whereas many procedures involve removing the top layers of the skin, micro needling concentrates on treating deeper parts of the skin. Micro needling tightens the skin to create a younger looking appearance, as well as thickening the skin to soften the skin.

What can it do?

  • Improve the thickness of skin
  • Treat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Remove light scarring
  • Even skin tone and textures

About our London micro needling procedure

As the top layer of skin is not affected by micro needling, our customers who do not want to take time off their busy lives can benefit from this non surgical treatment. There is little ‘rest time’ involved, and you can feel confident in your own skin right away. Recovering from micro needling will depend on the depth of the procedure and your skin colour; recover should not take more than one week for sensitive or older skin, and a couple of days for most other skin types.

What are the benefits?

Micro needling is suitable for any skin type as it does not affect the top layer of skin, and the recovery time tends to be shorter in comparison to other non surgical treatments. One treatment may have a noticeable result, but it is always best to have two or three micro needling treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. This allows the results to gradually appear, to create a more natural look.

What micro needling in London involves

Before the treatment

Viva Skin Clinics understand that when it comes to having any treatment, customers want to know that they are in safe hands. We offer a FREE consultation, where we will discuss the treatment you desire and get to know you, and the results that you desire. Through our consultations you can meet the staff and learn about us and what the treatment involves, as well as finding if the treatment is suitable for you.

The procedure

Before we begin the treatment, the skin is cleansed and numbed. For sensitive areas we may use an anaesthetic injection as the numbing cream may not always be effective. Micro needling involves using a small hand held roller with tiny needles which will penetrate through the top layer of skin and up to 2mm deep. This is repeated all over the skin, to leave thousands of tiny holes. These holes may not be visible after the procedure, but you should feel a sensation after, sometimes bruising.

After care

After the treatment we can advise you on the best methods to protect your skin. We recommend gently cleansing the face with lukewarm water up to 48 hours after treatment and carefully dry the area without rubbing. For the best results, it is best not to touch the skin unless your hands have been well cleaned, and any products should not be worn up to 12 hours after the procedure, as it may block the holes and pores in the face.


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