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At VIVA® Skin Clinics we offer a range of exciting cosmetic treatments tailored to men ranging from reversing signs of ageing to re-shaping contours of the face and enhancing masculine features.

Everyone is different, so we prepare a tailored treatment plan for our clients with one of the VIVA® Skin Clinics doctors during your free* consultation.

*Subject to a £50 deposit for all bookings / consultations at our Harley Street Clinic only (the £50 is redeemable against your initial treatment but is non-refundable)
*There is no deposit payable at any of our other clinic locations


Wrinkles and lines can appear across the forehead and around the eyes in men. These tend to become deeper over time. For example, a strong frown line can form as a result of computer use and squinting over the time.

Brotox or botox for men is used to target the muscles that cause these wrinkles to form and can prevent permanent deep creases in the skin.

At VIVA® Skin Clinics we offer tailored botox injections for men that help make you look the best you can be, focusing on a refreshed wrinkle-free but natural look.

Botox™ injections from £200

Jaw-line enhancement

Using specific locations of dermal filler injection. the male jaw line can be enhanced providing a more prominent, chiselled and masculine appearance. Maintaining a natural look, this is the perfect treatment in adding that edge to the male face shape.

Jaw-line enhancement from £350

Facial contouring and volumisation

Over time the face loses volume under the eyes and in the cheek area, this can leave the face looking gaunt and tired. Subtle injections of dermal filler can be used to reverse this leaving a natural and refreshed look.

Facial contouring and volumisation from £350

Tear Trough filler

Eye bags and hollows are one of most common problem areas that can lead to a tired and overworked complexion. Carefully placed dermal filler injections can be used to re-volumise and restore these dark circles leading to a more refreshed look.

Tear trough filler for eye hollows and dark circles from £400

Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are a new an exciting development in the aesthetic world. A new range of hydrating specialised dermal filler can be placed just under the skin in different parts of the face to revolumise, tighten and improve the appearance of the skin surface. Use this in combination with non
surgical face lift or botox for the ultimate new, natural and refreshed look.

Course of 3 skin boosters for face, neck, décolletage and hands £600