Chin Reshaping Treatment

Chin Reshaping Treatment

Chin Reshaping Treatment

Your chin is a feature that plays an important part in the framing and shaping of your face and getting your chins’ proportions right can really enhance your look. For many, the chin is an area of frustration. Many feel their chin is disproportionate to the rest of their face but are not aware of the options out there to target this problem area. You would be forgiven for assuming that chin reshaping treatment would always require expensive, painful and time-consuming invasive surgery. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that here at Viva Skin Clinics, many chin related woes can be treated with dermal filler.

Who can benefit?

This treatment could benefit anyone who is looking to change the proportions, shape or size of their chin. Whether you are looking to elongate your chin or fill in unwanted lines, this treatment could be for you. It is a great solution for people leading busy lives because it is relatively quick and pain free and also involves minimal downtime. 

How does it work?

Local anesthetic cream is applied to the problem area and dermal fillers are injected into specific locations depending on the desired effect to fill out and contour the face. The process is similar to that used to perform our non-surgical facelift. This is a quick and fuss free process and results can last for up to 24 months.


If you are interested in receiving chin reshaping treatment with Viva Skin Clinics, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our clinics for a one to one consultation with a doctor to discuss how this treatment will benefit you.

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