‘Baby Botox’ at VIVA Skin Clinics

‘Baby Botox’ at VIVA Skin Clinics

The effects of Botox on unwanted wrinkles and lines have become well known over the years and the treatment has become more and more popular. The treatment coined ‘Baby Botox’ is, however, much lesser known and at VIVA Skin Clinics we want to spread the word about this modernised procedure.

What is ‘Baby Botox’?

‘Baby Botox’ is much like traditional Botox in that it involves injecting Botulinum Toxin into areas of the face such as between the eyebrows and forehead. The difference is that ‘Baby Botox’ involves injecting much smaller doses and thus produces ‘lighter’ results, which allow for more movement and expression.

Whilst traditional Botox treatments aim to diminish almost all lines and wrinkles and leave a very smooth appearance, ‘Baby Botox’ targets just a few of these lines and wrinkles but preserves natural expression lines.

Who can Benefit?

This treatment is ideal for people who are new to Botox and want to ease themselves in to what to expect from the procedure itself as well as the results it produces. It is always best to begin with less product and then come back to one of our clinics if more is required rather than injecting too much at your first appointment. It is also the perfect option for younger clients who are just looking to slightly improve the look of fine lines and the appearance of shallow wrinkles.

Which areas can be treated?

‘Baby Botox’ can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and at the corner of the eyes, crow’s feet and frown lines. Deep wrinkles and the area under the eye are not suitable to be treated using this procedure.


‘Baby Botox’ used to banish fine forehead lines whilst maintaining a natural appearance.

What are the Advantages?

* Significant improvement to fine lines and wrinkles whilst maintaining natural expression lines.

* Delivers a natural looking youthful appearance that refreshes the face and boosts confidence.

* A quick and fuss free procedure that takes just 20 minutes to complete.

* Minimal downtime.

* Minimal pain.

* Maximum results achieved in as little as 10-14 days.

* A 2-week top-up included if required.



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